Complete Home Knitting intro page


A lovely friend from my knitting group was having a clear out and one day brought along a bundle of brilliant old knitting books to distribute to whoever wanted one. Our polite English reserve lasted all of about 15 seconds before we all dived in and grabbed one. I managed to snag a fantastic volume called 'Complete Home Knitting Illustrated' by Margaret Murray and Jane Koster, published in London by Odhams Press is 1943. There is a lot of information about being frugal with your coupons and reusing yarn from old garments, but the best thing about it? The captions to the illustrations are hil-AIR-ious.


Two girls posing with jumpers


There are some great rules of photography, such as, when photographing knitwear for the gentleman, there must always be an accompanying pipe, and/or gardening implement and/or sporting implement to complete the ensemble. Is this to remove any doubt that it's a man's item?


Man's jumper with cricket bat


Anyway, I was thinking that we could have a caption competition on some of the illustrations. No prizes (or at least no regular prizes), only fame and glory for the winning entry. I'll post the actual caption for your entertainment or interest, but you guys can come up with something better I'm sure. Hope you're all swotting up on your 'What-Ho!'s and 'Golly!'s.