The new site it now live! Wow, that was a long-winded process, but that seems to be the way of things with IT projects. (I worked in IT for six years and it's like pulling teeth, seriously.) But anyway, it's here now! Most things work! It's shiny!


There are a few new things you can do which might be interesting to check out:


You can leave reviews of the products. If you're like me and purchase mainly on reviews (think Amazon) then this might be a good feature to start filling to help other knitters out there.


You can tag products to help with searches.


The search function is pretty groovy, in that you can filter by more than one thing. So say, by colour (red) and weight (sock yarn) in the £20-30 bracket.


If you log in to the site and create a profile, you can set up your own wishlist.


You can compare items side by side.



The site is still new and I'm sure there are glitches and gremlins out there we've not found, so please please contact us if you find anything! Or just let us have any comments and feedback. We'd quite like to know if you like it too. Thanks!